How professional cleaners are dealing with the outbreak

Not Everyone can or has the time to clean their own Homes – this makes Professional cleaning more important than ever right now. Many of our residential clients completely rely on regular weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly cleaning services. Many individuals, because of medical or mental health reasons, simply cannot perform basic cleaning tasks and certainly not deep cleaning and sanitization – which is imperative during COVID-19 outbreak. 
House Cleaning is actually one of the most essential services provided to the public during times like these. According to the Australian Lung Association and the CDC, having a clean-living environment greatly increases the viability and resilience of health within your homes and businesses, especially when facing an epidemic of lung disease, such as COVID-19. We thank you for trusting in us as your cleaning service providers and we look forward to helping keep your family safe during this time. 
We appreciate your patience during this time of transition for our company in order to provide for you and our staff the best and safest outcome with every visit.

It’s important that we as a community are cautious and thoughtful in our approach to addressing this virus, but also just as important that we do not overreact or panic in response to it either. This is the exact attitude we hold fast to here at our Cleaning Services. Our staff feels confident in the work they are doing in your homes, take pride in the service they provide and love that they can serve you all, especially during this crucial time. They also need to remain healthy to continue to work and provide services to our community as well as protect you and all of the clients in the best ways possible at this time.

1) Please inform our office if you or someone currently living in your home has a fever or is sick, we will need to postpone your visit until the person(s) are feeling better, or has not ran a fever last 72 hours.


1) our staff will continue to follow all steps to prevent cross-contamination, including but not limited to:
· Disinfecting all supplies, equipment and kits in your homes after cleaning bathrooms and kitchen areas and between each home that we serve.

· Cleaners will continue to frequently change to new/dispose of old rags and mop pads especially in bathrooms and kitchen – never used in different multiple spaces or rooms.

· Cleaners will wear gloves during the entirety of each cleaning and change gloves frequently, and always after cleaning bathrooms and kitchens.

· Cleaners will continue to disinfect & wear foot booties for the entirety of cleanings.

· Cleaners will wash/disinfect their hands frequently, ie. between homes, after eating etc.

· Cleaners will wear a mask if they are experiencing allergies due to pollen, dust, pet dander or any other allergen that may cause sneezing, tickly throats or sniffly noses.

· Cleaners will pay special attention to thoroughly sanitize and disinfect places in homes touched most frequently, such as doorknobs and light switches.

2) Our team members will remain home if they are showing any signs of illness, especially fever.
· Every cleaner will check their temperature before reporting to work daily.
· Cleaners will stay home from work if they have a cough and/or sore throat.

Our Cleaners Team and Management will continue to closely follow all the guidelines and will notify all of our clients as new developments come about in order to serve you, your families and your businesses. 
Thank you again for trusting our team as your cleaning providers!

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